I will continue to create more Bunches as screenprints but additionally I would like to create them as sculptures. I grew up creating knitted I-cord, which my mother taught me how to make. The cord looks and hangs much like the strands in my prints, making it the perfect material for the sculptures. To create these 3-D bunches I need equipment and materials I am currently unable to afford on my own. I am running a GoFundMe campaign so that I can start creating these Bunch sculptures.


Below you can read my artist statement in relation to these sculptures.


"The interplay between the two mediums, sculpture and print, creates space for further discovery from the viewer. I am interested in how the prints and sculptures relate to each other when hanging side by side. Ideally, presenting the two mediums together creates and expands the dialogue between the nature of the images. Not only does the viewer have form and color to explore in both mediums, but also the interaction between two and three dimensions. Texture plays an important role in the prints and sculpture that is only widened in their context to each other and within the series. By using sculpture, I push to find a more complex and whole understanding in the work. The print acts as a blueprint for how to interpret the sculpture, or how to explore with three dimensions the way the individual strands interact within the sculpture. In this way, sculpture performs as a print come to life. In another light the sculpture can serve as an extension of the print itself. With this rich dialogue I aim to create an environment with the “Bunches” in which the viewers can question the pieces and explore the narratives they create based on the work."