Dargie-7B copy.jpg

In the “Bunch” series I explore how form, texture and color shape the viewer's experience of the work. My process to create these pieces begins with imagining a shape or form that the bunch seems to hang or drape over. I form the the individual “strands” that collectively bring the form to life from the top down to amplify this effect. By not giving the form a name and not dictating what the “strands” are, the viewer has the opportunity to make their own inferences about the nature of the image. I am interested in providing some amount of struggle for the viewer to puzzle out the image, the tension between the carefully delineated strands and how as a group they make up a more nebulous whole.  My goal is to construct a space with room for exploration and discovery. In this space the viewer is able to project their own experiences and memories on to the piece, which influences the way they understand the subject matter. My careful use of color also informs the viewer's experience of the pieces. From a purely aesthetic point, the color first creates a visually satisfying piece, and then adds another layer to the open ended narrative of the image.  I strive to choose colors that are both exciting visually and metaphorically.